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Peach Cobbler with Splenda
Total Calories per Serving:   225  
Fat Calories per Serving:   56
Percent Fat Calories per Serving:   24.89%

Portion -  4 oz
Recipe serves nine


14 large sweet peaches

1/3 cup of reserve peach juice (see directions below)

1 cup Splenda no calorie sweetner

3 tbls of corn starch

sprinkle of ground cinnamon

½ tsp of pure vanilla extract

1 nine inch frozen, rolled pie crust (thawed and unrolled)


Remove peels from peaches by immersing peaches in rapidly boiling water for one minute. Remove peaches from water and cool. Then, pierce skins and peel off. Slice each peach into 4 to 6 wedges. Discard pits.

Place peach wedges in a large bowl. There will be reserve peach juice created as you remove the pits and place the wedges in a large bowl.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a 10” square baking or casserole dish, add Splenda, reserve peach juice, corn starch, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Mix thoroughly. Add peaches with a large slotted spoon and combine thoroughly.

Place baking dish over unrolled roll pie crust and trim the crust with a knife to fit the dimension of the dish. Place trimmed crust over peaches in dish. Make several slits in the crust for steam to vent.

Place uncovered dish in oven and bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until the crust is golden and the peach juices are bubbling through the crust slits.

When cobbler has cooled, cut into nine squares.

Serving Suggestions

Serve warm with Cool Whip Fat Free topping or Turkey Hill Fat Free Vanilla Bean ice cream. Add in Extra calories.

Nutrition Data
Serving Size 4 oz 
Total Calories 225 
    Calories from Fat 56 
% Daily Value
Total Fat Grams 6  8.62% 
    Saturated Fat Grams 1.6  
    Trans Fat Grams 2  
    Polyunsaturated Fat Grams 0  
    Monounsaturated Fat Grams 0  
Cholesterol MG 0  
Sodium MG 108  
Total Carbs 41  13.67% 
    Fiber Grams 4  
    Sugar Grams 26  
    Protein Grams 2.8  


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